A barrel room.

December 2021


Once again a new wine to offer – for the 36th time. Nothing intrinsic makes this new wine, the

2019, stand out, but the circumstances of its barrel life are dramatic. It is the wine that lay quietly

in barrel in the cool dark of the cellar that night 27th September 2020 when nearly all of Spring

Mountain burned and our winery could have burned down but didn’t. The fire was close, about

fifty yards from the winery, with the house even closer, while the tractor barn was just six feet

from the flames.


But the wine survived, blissfully free from both heat and smoke taint. It is distinguished in the

line of the previous 35 Philip Togni Cabernets, with their 82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot,

2% Cabernet franc and 1% Petit Verdot. Totally unfiltered, relying for its minerality on the

breakdown into clay from its original andesite – a form of volcanic diorite making up this corner

of the Spring Mountain massif on the western, coastal side of the Napa Valley. Our elevation at

2000 feet and the steepness of the terrain ensure good drainage.


In addition there’s the Tanbark Hill, also Estate Bottled. This is handled identically to the Philip

Togni Cabernet, but comes from one corner of our vineyard where different soil ensures a

different wine.


After 21 years of close collaboration, Philip Togni has now succeeded in showing his daughter

Lisa all the tricks of the trade accumulated over 68 years of winemaking on four continents.

Working virtually alone, she has succeeded in this 2019 Philip Togni Cabernet in acquiring a

Galloni score of 96 to 99 points, boding well for her future vintages under the Philip Togni label.

Galloni’s notes: “The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate is off the charts. What a wine. The 2019

captures all the Togni signatures, but with both more fruit richness and energy than is the norm.

A Cabernet of gravitas and consequence, the 2019 is shaping up to be one of the wines of the

year. Black cherry, plum, graphite, spice and incense build into the palate-staining

finish.” (Vinous, January 2021)


Also being offered in trace quantities are the 2016 Ca’ Togni sweet red, Estate Bottled in half

bottles only, the 2011 Philip Togni Cabernet and the 2001 Philip Togni Cabernet.


Shipping will be done in the spring of 2022 with an eye on your local weather.


           Best regards,


           Lisa, Birgitta and Philip Togni

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